Drawing out a guideline!

The requirements placed on the latest device technology extend way beyond pure functionality.

Our solution to this is drawing out a guideline from design right through to the end user using comprehensive device development for the entire project planning process. Thinking processes through to the end – with the customer.

This way, the result really does benefit everyone. Just one of our formulas for success.


Project example (consumer market)

"Bondic Pen" - a world first
Tool to process a UV-curing liquid plastic for repairing, fixing and modelling purposes.

Project example (bio-technology/medical engineering)

DNA analysis in desktop format
provenion gmbh and directif gmbh cooperate in a project to develop a device for DNA/RNA analysis.

Project example (bio-technology/medical engineering)

Endovascular brachytherapy with itm Rhenium-PTA©
provenion gmbh and itm FlowMedix GmbH cooperated to develop a device for percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty.

Project example (bio-technology/medical engineering)

Design and prototyping of a device for endodontic treatment